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Aileen Wilson

Aileen Wilson Art / Apeiron Giclee |

Aileen Wilson Art (Apeiron Giclee) specializes in macro photography fine art [Giclee] prints on archival watercolor and other museum-quality papers. Driven to evolve her multiple international and domestic award-winning portrait business due to CBI from multiple traumatic brain injuries and promote autism-related CBI/CTE advocacy, Aileen now shoots the small things at hand, the flora and fauna underfoot or in Fort Worth home gardens to celebrate nature and human connection and to "honor the grandmothers who slip us coffee at childhood tables and stack gardening catalogs at hand; who afford us frozen mutism bellied with boundless energy deserving of quiet time; who make endless blooms and verdant plots ubiquitous hope for tiny feet planted equally in tragedy and wonder; who cradle us without coddling to sing love of industry and perch us on swings cast between mimosa and persimmon trees to rejuvenate bruised soles; who guard sacred teatime with pie crust rolls sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked crisp. These blooms are their gifts, annual YAWPs and perennial graces—their seed, root, and bark carried on with loyal sunrise, we the new caretakers.