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Magnolia Village

Block 18

Misty West

Misty’s Handmades

Canning, quilting and candle making were a necessity for past generations. I create food, quilts and candles to help keep those crafts alive for future generations. I have put my own spin on handed down family recipes to create speciality jams, jellies, sauces and pickles. Food is love to me. I am very happy to share my canned items to help others feed their friends and loved ones. I make traditional quilt block patterns using modern fabrics to create family heirlooms. Quilts are a way to wrap family and loved ones in a warm hug even when you are not near. My hope is that my quilts are so deeply loved that one day they fall apart from over use. A warm crinkly quilt is one of my most favorite things in the world. My candle scents evoke childhood memories of my mom and grandmothers baking. The scents of cakes, cookies or pies would fill there homes. I hope that my candles will do the same for others as they burn them in their homes. I cherish the quilts, recipes and memories from grandparents. Being able to share the crafts they taught me with others truly brings me so much happiness.