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Frances Webb

Purplelis Jewelry

For most of my career I have designed interiors for commercial and private planes from a technical perspective. However after finishing a contract position in 2014 I decided to invest my creative skills in healing working with crystals, thus beginning of Purplelis Jewelry.

The name Purplelis is derived from 2 colors red and blue. I see red representinng our mitochondrial DNA and blue representing protection from our fathers. Once we heal individually than can come together amalgamating as one creating the color purple.
Too often in society ADOS; American Descendants of Slavery women are too busy caring for others with the stigma of masculinity that we forget about selfcare. More often than not we forget about our femininity and that we are expressions of love. With each creation of jewelry I design is with the forethought of healing and beautification of women and men. As we heal and return to our best selves we are restoring relationships assisting in the great amalgamation.

The mission of Purplelis Jewelry is to "Destory The Myth, Reconcile The Heart," I am Love.