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Magnolia Village

Block 9

Courtney Vaughan

Courtney Vaughan Art

I come from an entire family of artists. Creativity and uniqueness has always been my favorite quality about myself. Antiques, the weird and unusual, anything found in nature, oddities, curiosities, collages, assemblages, and random found objects, are some of the main things that can be found in my pieces. Some are as simple as 2 to 4 items mixed in to compliment each other. When others consist of over 20 to 30 different combinations of items. The majority of my pieces include some type of specimen that at one time was alive. Many of them are fossils, crystals, stones, shells, and artifacts that date back millions of years. There are also several bones and teeth in my collection. They are all sustainably sourced and cruelty free. When they are finished and the collage or display is complete, it's a work of art unlike anything I have ever come across. Making the pieces that I make, has helped me during times that were very difficult for me. I originally made everything for my self, unaware that other people would even like them! I have been proven wrong so many times in the past year. I have decided to step forward and attempt even bigger events in hopes that I could inspire others.