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Magnolia Village

Block 16

Brittainy Tidwell

Artwork of Brittainy Tidwell

Brittainy Tidwell’s pieces are an invitation to enjoy the little things in life. Her current portfolio focuses on acrylic paintings and charcoal and graphite drawings of plants, insects, and food.

The simplicity inherent in familiar subjects such as these encourages the viewer to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the world around them. The subjects are presented with a focused composition in either a close, detailed view or cradled in a hand, implying that these items are precious and cherished.

Within her current body of work there are three main series:
The black and white plant portraits focus on the organic structure of the subject.
The pieces that are zoomed in on hands suggest that someone is sharing a significant moment and object with the viewer.
And finally, acrylic paint still lifes composed of whole fruits and vegetables celebrate the vivacity, color, and texture of our food.

Art is a powerful tool for positivity in the world, and Brittainy hopes that her work is a reminder of the art all around us.