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Magnolia Village

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Michelle Teresa Taylor

Michelle Teresa Photography

As a student of photography, my work is very diverse as I explore each new avenue of the art. I use many media’s such as 35mm film printed in silver gelatin, digital photography, Van Dykes, and cyanotypes printed on watercolor paper. People can be found in nearly all of my photography. Street photography, portraiture, and even most of my landscapes include people. I believe people give images a story. I can dream up what the character in my story may be feeling, thinking, and a story develops. I am an introvert and meeting people through my lens opens myself up to a world I might not have seen otherwise. I enjoy alternative photographic techniques which give a unique look to every image. Every photograph is unique this way and no two images exactly alike. The chemicals are brushed on by hand and developed with a digital negative and light. I have discovered the art of photography relatively later in life than most artists, but I feel like I’m coming of age again as I learn about a creative part of myself that I never knew existed. Through my photography I hope to help others discover the beautiful people and place as I have, through the lens that photographed them.