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Jerrel Sustaita

The Live Local Artist - Jerrel Sustaita

I took a chance, on the road painting in the open air of Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, in and around the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, beneath the big skies in Dallas / Fort Worth, and throughout Texas. I suppose I am a regional artist selling hundreds of paintings right off my easel, en plein air. I take pleasure in knowing that (when people see me painting,) I shared a special time and place with a stranger and we were able to connect in a meaningful way. And in that encounter between the art lover, the creator and the created, I am the benefactor. Today and forever, wherever any particular piece of mine is seen, I am connecting. As I grew as an artist, I began teaching in after school programs. From there, I grew into operating children’s art booths at outdoor festivals. While always creating and selling new works. Currently, I live and paint in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, exhibiting work at various alternative exhibition spaces, as well as producing and curating my own shows. I reside with my wife and beautiful children in Dallas, Texas. Recently, I was named ‘Best Outsider Artist,’ by critic’s choice in the 2017 Best of edition of the Fort Worth Weekly.