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Magnolia Village

Block 3

Allison Stratton

Artwork of Allison Stratton

I remember wanting to share how I process the world visually since I was a child. My first memory of this was listening to a dramatic pop song on my Walkman, running to my mom, and explaining how you could follow the ups and downs of the song with a line on paper! That idea of connecting how the soul feels in the moment with a visual carries with me to this day.

The works on display are a mix of media including fumage (smoke), wax, acrylic, and charcoal. In a recent conversation with my roommate, who asked about the difference between my drawings and this technique, I explained it perfectly: "It feels like dancing."

A huge thanks to the Grand Marais Art Colony for teaching me the fumage technique and the ability to let go of the outcome and focus on the journey.