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Magnolia Village

Block 19

Madison Spencer

Artwork of Madison Spencer

I am an abstract painter, primarily using fluid mediums and arbitrary markings to capture explicit forms. The majority of my work revolves around the body. When working on canvas, my works have an inherent background, allowing me to pay more attention to outlines and forms. The stark bodily outline offers a critical point of reflection for the viewer to interpret the form.
Painting directly onto glass allows me to use natural light and variable backgrounds to create highlights and shadows. Combining this with the ability to layer multiple pieces of glass, I am able to play with the viewer’s perception of the piece. I enjoy the transient nature these pieces take on as they are viewed from different angles or placed against different backgrounds.
I enjoy using the human form as a subject matter because it is something constantly on my mind in a world obsessed with physical beauty. It is easy for me to get caught up in superficial methods of validation and creating these pieces helps me to question my standards of beauty, as well as allowing me to view the human body as something other than an object of desire.