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Magnolia Village

Block 4

Carly Spalt

Born to a fisherman, Carly’s connection to the ocean and natural world as a whole is strong. With countless hours at sea accumulated throughout her life, the open ocean is a visual that is burned into her memory. The entire natural world displays the fluidity of change in an extreme way. Carly believes the desire to experience change, translates more generally to the idea of impermanence. Exploration of time and place as well as natural change that takes place but, may not be completely obvious as we become accustom to our daily routine is important to be aware of. Through her creation of imagined and minimalistic environments, her artistic practice welcomes the viewer to make observations of their daily environment. Her art is inspired by real experiences and places but the end result is ultimately imagined. It is not meant to replicate an exact location, or occasion, rather is it meat to evoke and capture a feeling that is universal. She strives to pull from authentic memory and experience, rather than using technology as a crutch to trigger memory and nostalgia. Her connection to nature and environment shows up consistently in her work. Her process is simultaneously messy and pr