Near Southside, Inc. Near Southside, Inc.


Magnolia Village

Blocks 20 & 21

Dani Faith Sistrunk

Surreal Faith

My art reflects the way I see the world. I create using a variety of mediums including, graphite, acrylic paint and digital photography. I also explore sculpture and jewelry making by using upcycled materials. Through the diversive mediums that I use, I explore important topics in my art such as mental health, faith, social issues, the environment and friendship. Each artwork tells a unique story and has layers of symbolism and meaning in every pencil mark, color and object rendered. I create art as a way to get the thoughts in my head out and express myself in a way that words can't. I hope to encourage people and create dialogue and conversation about difficult topics. My art often looks dark and creepy on the surface, but is full of hope and inspiration underneath.