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Magnolia Village

Block 6

Christopher Sandoval


In my art I enjoy creating inspiring moments I have seen or captured with a photo, then recreating it in a way a photo simply cannot. My drawing/painting process begins with a very simple sketch to build ideas off of and can sometimes be very quick, but the best ideas usually come when inspiration strikes. Once I get the sketch completed to my liking the next step would be deciding which medium I can use to best capture the expression of the portrait or express the most colors with on a landscape. Having the option of using different mediums allows me to create different pieces and create an individual story to tell for each one. I enjoy feedback from the public or even other artists. As I grow as a person and an artist, I continue to learn to accept the feedback, and to not let anyone's opinion bring me down or persuade me to create something that is visually pleasing to only their likings. In conclusion, I create art to hopefully pass on my stories of each painting to inspire other artists and motivate the community to continue pursuing their passion and in the process help an artist grow.