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Magnolia Village

Block 14

Cathy Salazar
Richard Salazar

Corky Crafts & Other Creations

While we make some of our items from new materials such as vinyl & metal washers, most of what we make is from reycled materials such as reclaimed wood (mesquite and cedar), used wine bottles and wine corks; spoons & forks; leather belts & belt buckles; blue jeans and mens neckties. We find our best creative ideas and works come from looking at used items and seeing the new, upcycled treasure it can become. We make windchimes & birdfeeders from used winebottles and plates. We make wine bottle holders and earrings from reclaimed wood such as cedar and mesquite. Our cross body bags are made from recycled blue jeans and men's neckties which are either bought from thrift stores or donated. I also make scarves from the men's neckties. Wine and champagne corks make wonderful keychains, ceiling fan pulls and jewelry. Spoons and forks into rings. The possibilities are endless! We love the look people get when they pick up an item and figure out that what they are looking used to be something else!