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Magnolia Village

Block 18

Reyes Rivera

Noin Rivera

I started painting at a very young age, with the single purpose of expressing my thoughts and emotions. Fruits and nature were my first subjects without a defined aesthetic. It wasn’t until the year 2000, when I started exploring the subject of childhood toys, based on my experience as an islander and reflecting my identity as a Puertorican, that I established a style full of vibrant colors, surrealism and expressionism inspired by nationally recognized Puertorican artists. My artwork reflects identity, memories, experiences and warm Caribbean colors. It’s constantly evolving as I enter new stages in my life. After living my whole life in Puerto Rico, I move to Texas at 50 years old, and I begin to explore different subjects inspired by my new surroundings, without losing my essence. My current subjects reflect the melancholy of the distance, and the abstraction of my feelings through this new phase, and the beauty of black women wearing colorful turbans.