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Magnolia Village

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Kristina Reilly

Girlz Rockit

I was born a military brat on the west coast. My father was from NY, my mom from Wisconsin. We moved all over the country until I was 11 and then I spent 14 years in New Orleans.

So many cultures taught me about diversity and how to just be me. New Orleans is a place where nothing is ordinary, expression is grand, and where I learned that hodgepodge is a form of art.

Living in Fairmount for the past 19 years has kept me as close to the beauty of hodgepodge that I could find and the jewelry that I make represents that in me. I use findings of old and new, some made from vintage costume jewelry, some new, shiny gemstones, but each time I make an earring or necklace, I take time to mix colors, metals, and styles to create something that will compliment any outfit and stand out in your collection. Each piece is crafted by hand and is one of a kind.