Near Southside, Inc. Near Southside, Inc.


Magnolia Village

Block 18

Gabriela Perez

He She Them US

HSTU started when I got tired of everyone labeling me as an item. I sat down and drew what I saw...a girl with big hair, someone who was on the journey of being comfortable with herself again, and someone who loved art. That began the ideas in my head which turned into my art today. My art is all continuous line. Where I don't pick up the marker, pen, brush, whichever it may be, until I am done. They are all funky and unique, just like each of us. The name came later on which then turned into reversing the words to not make sense right away. It's to make you really think and read understand it, just like seeing and understanding another person. My main inspiration started within myself and has grown to each and everything I see, you, the person next to you, and the everyday moments and emotions. Hence, why there is so many faces. You'll also notice some pieces have little objects within the pieces or you may see something completely different that what I intended to draw. But that's the beauty of it all, we are all art.