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Magnolia Village

Block 2

Garret Pendergrass

Garret Pendergrass Pottery

I strive to create a body of work that shows pride in my hometown of Fort Worth. Nicknamed Cowtown for its western heritage. An often overlooked aspect is that it also offers a large body of public art and encourages a nurturing artistic atmosphere. One place speaks to me as an artist and creator above the rest and that is the Water Gardens located downtown. You can hear rushing waters, calming mists or silence from the various pools that make up the gardens. It is inviting as an artist to rest and refresh during the hot summer months and this time of year is where I spend time to think, reflect, and sketch. Finished artwork starts out as seeds in my mind here, morphing into a tangible object back on the potter’s wheel.
The Water Garden series evokes the architectural nature of the gardens with geometric contours and sharp angles. Each piece’s surface has soft hues of blue, ranging from transparent to opaque evoking the character of water. This high quality, masterfully crafted pottery draws viewers in with the eye and compels interaction.