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Lina Ocampo

SIT! Dog collars

These unique, artisan dog collars are handmade with high quality materials: treated and conditioned leather, and textiles especially designed to be hand woven. Every one of the collars is an exclusive and colorful design, their treads have different patterns and different colors that are double stitched to ensure quality. The artists behind every piece are women of an indigenous community from the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico with whom we partnered, under the commitment of fair trade. These woman speak a different dialect than their own country's language, which makes it difficult for them to keep the handwoven tradition alive. SIT! is basically their voice in the world. In fact, without a translator, and people like us showing their work to the world, their traditions would slowly fade away. When a person purchases a SIT! Collar, it's really helping an entire community in its development.