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Magnolia Village

Block 10 - Hyder Annex

Mary McMichael

Wiley’s Gift

Wiley’s Gift 4Ever Pet Ash Jewelry creates a custom collection of stones/beads made from Pet Ashes or Hair from your beloved pet and artistically mixes them Resin, Mica Powders, and Pigments. These stones are then set in a variety of settings from rings to pendants. After the loss of my beloved Boston Terrier, Wiley in 2018, I missed him so much that I longed to carry a piece of him with me. Once I made my first stone, it gave me such comfort that I started making custom pieces for others to help them thru their grief.

Shabbylicious Upcycled Furniture takes old unwanted furniture and adds color and life to these pieces with Chalk Paint, artful painting techniques, glazes and waxes. We can create a custom artful piece for you or upcycle one of your own. We create Furniture to love again!