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Block 5

Lisa McCulloch

Quilts by Lisa

I am an I-Spy quilt, although I have, also, been called a Talking Quilt. I have many uses.

When your baby is small, they can lie on me on the floor. Tummy Time is more fun with all my bright colors and images. Of course, you can use me as a cover for a sleeping baby.

As your baby becomes a toddler, I am still useful. Lay the quilt out in front of you and your toddler. There are food items, farm animals, jungle animals, letters, sport equipment, etc. Ask easy questions - Where is something red? Where is a cow? Where is a toy? I am also quite useful to take on a trip or to the doctor’s office. I can serve as a cover or a toy.

As your toddler becomes a pre-schooler, the questions about the quilt change. (Show me something living. Show me different types of transportation. Show me different zoo animals or farm animals.) You get the idea. You can continue using me with different questions as your child grows. (Which animals are mammals? Then discuss why.) Be creative. Take 5 pennies and toss them on the quilt. Now ask your child to make up a story using the pictures on the hexagons where the pennies landed.

Don’t be afraid to use me and then throw me in the washing machine.

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