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Sharleen Mayberry
Sharleen Mayberry

Erifsievol Art

Sharleen Mayberry is the artist behind Erifsievol Art. She is a self-taught artist from Minnesota who currently resides in Dallas, TX with her husband and two dogs. She began drawing at a young age and was inspired by her Grandmother who did traditional rosemaling. Most of her early works consist of realism portraits and paintings. In 2016 she started focusing on creating mandalas and other works inspired by biology, medicine and her experience with healing from multiple chronic illnesses.
Sharleen’s paintings are complex, multidimensional, colorful and hypnotizing. Mathematical aspects are calculated measured and controlled. These are the precise marks of reality. Natural elements and dimensional details are added to embody the spontaneous, unpredictable nature of life. Sharleen uses her painting as a meditation tool which has helped both her creativity and health.
Today Sharleen can be found painting in her studio or spray painting a wall in downtown Dallas. Sharleen continues to blend techniques, styles and mediums to create engaging work that she hopes will continue to spread hope to everyone especially those with chronic illness.

Associations: RAW Artists, Rare Collective