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Janette "Jan" Madlock-Dent

Jus4Us Natural HairCare Products

Jus4Us Natural Hair Care is a veteran and minority-owned business that specializes in creating all-natural hair care products which promote healthy hair growth and in most cases regrowth for male and female “naturalistas”. Our customer base includes anyone, male or female of all ages, who prefers to wear their hair in a natural state seeking to maximize their hair care health, growth and manageability. Jus4Us Natural Hair Care, LLC is motivated to properly and thoroughly educate and support its customers by providing top-notch quality of all-natural, organic hair care products and educational workshops focusing on the importance of healthy hair management. Jus4Us Natural Hair Care was formed because of the owner’s frequent migraines. Jan wanted to explore all options for reducing or eliminating migraines by researching the various reasons why they occur. It was through her research that she found that most hair care products absorbed through the scalp contribute significantly to the onset of migraines and she wanted to provide a solution to individuals just like her who needed options and most importantly relief.