Near Southside, Inc. Near Southside, Inc.


Magnolia Village

Block 18

3rd World MacGorman

5th Dimension Studio

3rd World and 5th dimension studio present the 2026 After Human body of work for presentation to the public. The idea for this series came from pondering what artificial intelligence would do with all the treasures we throw away once they take over. I have worked in skilled trades since dropping out of college and I use the talents I learned doing labor jobs to take found object assemblage in a direction unseen until now. This collection of work is tied together by an encompassing A.I. theme, electronics, lights and all pieces are interactive. I am in rebellion against the ugly art movement and show my defiance by making the ugly and discarded objects destined for the landfill beautiful! I want every piece I create to stir up emotions and overflow your senses with feelings of fear, love, hate, death, birth, sadness, joy and most importantly, childlike wonder for what is possible.