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Magnolia Village

Block 3

Jaceson "Jonesy" Jones

Jones Art

My work deals in a number of topics ranging from the surreal dreamlike, satirical, stylized portraits of the human face to satirical pop culture references in film and or television of the late 20th century. I'm fascinated by how the first way people communicate is through facial expressions from the moment we're born and how this level of communication shapes our entire lifetime from then on. I'll often style the face into a computer glitch or a mask to communicate an upspoken disruption or euphoria felt by the subject in the image. Primarily, I work in acrylic however, once in a while I'll produce a painting in oils, collage or draw with pen or pencil. Some works have hidden symbols that reference alchemy or messages the reference top secret dark government or corporate operations that fascinate me and is and attempt to get the viewer involved by asking questions or researching the topic.