Near Southside, Inc. Near Southside, Inc.


Magnolia Village

Blocks 20 & 21

Christopher Infante

Artwork of -C-

“I have always held a passion for art, but I wouldn’t say I was born an artist. In fact it came very difficult for me. I can remember as a child in school I used to sit near and acquaint myself to young cartoonists to be so as to be in a position to learn and absorb as much of this skill and talent that fascinated me so deeply. I would ask questions and sometimes much to their irritation try to reproduce or apply as much of their teaching as possible, but more often than not It was an uphill struggle. I can remember the first time I reproduced a piece of art that I had watched another artist draw, but rather than envisioning it in my head to recall from which I so often failed at. I found myself instead memorizing line for line step for step each stroke of the pencil from start to finish. As you can imagine not the most efficient process and as I look back on it I can fully appreciate why most potential artists give up before they ever get started, or why most people insist that the abilities of an artist must be accredited to some inherent talent that you must be born with. What those people often don’t realize is it is not a lack of talent, it's a lack of desire to learn.