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Magnolia Village

Block 6

Arnoldo Hurtado

Artscream (registered trademark symbol)

ARTSCREAM is the do-it-yourself art pop-up EXTRAVAGANZA that rocked Fort Worth earlier this year when an unassuming ice-cream truck rolled in and transformed into a mobile art gallery. Arnoldo Hurtado is the artist behind this innovative idea and he and the Artscream Truck have been busy painting the town full of color through community art projects and larger than life murals, such as the Trinity Art Court & the Mariachi mural. Arnoldo's creative styles explore fantasy, pop, surreal, and realistic works, all of them sharing a celebration of intense color. Most recently, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art asked Arnoldo to join the Carter Community Artist initiative to consult and help art and culture institutions in Fort Worth to better connect with communities such as Arnoldo's native Northside, that have and continue to be underserved. But that is changing with awesome projects such as this where art rolls right into your neighborhood! Come experience the ARTSCREAM experience because we all know that when I SCREAM and YOU SCREAM, WE ALL WANT ARTSCREAM!