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Rachel Hennes

Unicorn Stitch

I started out embroidering last year to combat anxiety that I was feeling at the time. I saw photos on Instagram and Pinterest and thought, that’s amazing I really would love to create art like this. I started off with a basic kit and YouTube videos, and now I aim to embroidery every day. Originally I didn’t plan on selling this, but friends, family, and coworkers took notice and started asking for custom pieces. I was able to challenge myself every week with something new and I just went for it. I focus on nostalgic 90s pop culture along with current pop culture, meaningful and hilarious quotes, and floral designs for any kitschy decor. I continue to make and sell my art so that everyone can showcase this vintage art medium with a modern twist. I also want to create art that is affordable for everyone, and create something that is relatable to everyone as well.