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Magnolia Village

Block 18

Shay Haas

Shay Makes

I create paintings, drawings, mixed media pieces and polymer clay jewelry, all with a focus on line, repetition and color. My mandala work is an exploration of my inner self. It was once solely about meditation and focus. And though that is still a part of the process, it's become more about sharing beauty and the ideas of interconnectedness with the world. With my paintings and drawings, I start with a central element and then work radially, adding layers of repeated patterns. I truly lose myself in the best kind of way when I create these. As I began to create them for more aesthetic purposes outside of my own spiritual motivations, I decided to add other meaningful elements that told more of their own story. My current mixed media work showcases and celebrates women and feminine energy by emphasizing their postures, expressions, exposure, and vulnerability through juxtaposition with powerful lines and color - as well as accompanying poetry. My handmade jewelry is a continuation of my initial mandala practice and again focuses on line, repetition and color. I create my own clay canes, and then cut slices that are assembled to form symmetrical designs. Each piece is truly unique.