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Magnolia Village

Block 4

Erika Guijosa

Artwork of Erika Guijosa

When I create I like to start off with a simple pencil and paper drawing, I mostly use how I’m feeling to guide me with the image I create. As an example, when I am feeling comfortable and energetic my art is full of motion that describes my feeling. Abstract art is my absolute favorite! Creating something that allows people to add their imagination to what I’m creating is what drives me to create art. Most of my art pieces represent my interests and love for details. I like to detail my artwork to look as if it has a life of its own. Movement and the appearance of texture are what bring my art to life. People usually are amazed by the detail in my work the most. People describe my art work as intricate and with unity. I am fond of asymmetry and emphasizing certain aspects to make them appear moving or at a distance from the viewer. And when I feel motivated to add color...
I use art to describe a part of me that usually isn’t described by words.