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Magnolia Village

Block 19

Edward Freiheit

Bug and Mowl

My art is unique because it is inspired by economy. It may seem a strange source of inspiration but bear with me. A concept that captured my imagination while in college was by-product. A by-product is something produced from what would otherwise be waste. In the art world, this has manifested as up-cycling. My esthetic is to find things that have surpassed their useful life and reimagine them though my creative process to give them a second life. When my father passed away, I inherited a large volume of watches as he was a horologist (watchmaker). I learned to love the beauty of these miniscule machines. It was only natural that I should take these forgotten pieces of a long-gone era and re-envison them so that others could learn appreciate their beauty. The pendants I create are also up-cycling. I am always on the lookout for interesting images in print that can be reused instead of going to the land fill. In this way I use my artistic point of view to help others see things in a new light and give a second life to otherwise useless items.