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Magnolia Village

Block 16

Alex Danger Duran Duran

Artwork of Alex Duran

Never been a student learning technique in an art class.
But I sometimes feel like a vessel that mediums a creative pass.
A natural flow of energy that gives me life as it comes and goes.
Creativity manifests in my brain, in my heart and it flows,
Into my entire being
A sea that engulfs me.
Keep my paints fluid so they
Can reflect my thought processes.

Consistency is key so i mix the paint to move more like a liquid.
When viscosity is right I pour all colors in one cup and then I flip it.
When i lift the cup the paints begin to drop off the canvas side.
Then I admire the natural way the paint interacts until it's dry.

I sometimes feel more fluid in my thoughts in a world full of solid brains.
Goal is to think like a gas, because it's a on a larger wider plane.
But for now I'll stay fluid in thought
Because there's less defined restraint.
Against the grain but not down the drain, paint to keep from going insane.