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Kagen Dunn

Artwork of Kagen Dunn

Kagen Dunn is a recent graduate from the University of Texas Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She concentrated in Glass under the guidance of Justin Ginsberg and Jean Fernandes. Throughout her time at UTA, she was particularly interested in exploring glass kiln casting and it’s affects when combined with other components.

While within these castings, I am interested in exploring the interactions between materials in correspondence to how we are affected by our everyday spaces. The works are often containing measurements that relate to myself in order to give a restraint to the amount of foreign materials within the castings. Consequently, the space in which a piece is created or displayed also adds to the importance and metaphorical significance. The glass offers a transparency where the inside cannot hide, always being seen by the viewer. Wanting to explore the relations between not commonly combined materials, I often use copper and cement with glass to pursue visible reactions and contrasts in surface textures.

Associations: SiNaCa Studios