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Magnolia Village

Block 8

Avery Deering-Frank

Artwork of Avery Deering-Frank

In my artwork, color dictates everything. The infinite ways in which color can be manipulated, paired, and emphasized has mesmerized me and steered every aspect of my artistic process. The shapes, patterns, and even subject matter are aids to the stress on color. My stylistic choices are heavily influenced by colorful pop art as well as childish and kitschy imagery. While I use a variety of media, the bright playfulness stays consistent as I try to warp elements and objects that are a part of our every day into a universe that follows its own rules and laws. I create worlds that are real and yet impossible, the things that I imagine the world around me to be. Rarely do my works follow any sort of set scene as if they are floating in space. A major part of my process planning involves perusing the many textures of the world around us and the unique shapes and patterns and thinking of the many ways that they can be unified.