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Taylor Cuozzo

Artwork of Taylor

As an artist I work hard to create paintings that are realistic, representational, and exploit the beauty of the simplistic world around us. My name is Taylor Cuozzo. I am a Junior Studio Art Major with an Art History minor studying at Texas Christian University. I have a passion for the arts and the natural landscapes of the world. I adore the outdoors, and exploring places on earth that most people have never touched. Before starting a work I adventure into the great outdoors to find the moments I wish to bring to life on the canvas. I create art that is meant to be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. My choice of medium is oil paint, but I have also experimented with acrylic, watercolor and graphite. In my current work I have enjoyed exploring landscapes, portraits, and the makeup of a person's personality and emotions. I have also explored the different reactions that specific colors can draw from a person. My work speaks not to highlight myself, but the original Creator.