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Nicole Collie-Jamison

Nicole Collie-Jamison


As an artist, I strive to show others that we should all love ourselves, love each other and live life without judgment. My artwork mirrors these feelings through acrylic paint on canvas—often accompanied with mixed media such as seeds, heavy gloss gels and glass beads.

My main focus is to paint females and express the importance of every woman. Whether you have scars, or a body society says isn’t perfect, I want to show all women the reasons that these “ugly” things are actually beautiful if you learn to embrace yourself. Motivated by the skills I’ve gathered over the years as an artist, woman and mother, each painting tells a story. They show beautiful female bodies with curves and soft lines that mimic the true form. My goal is for women of all ages to see these paintings and become more comfortable with themselves. If I can improve the confidence of just one girl or woman out there, I feel blessed and have been given even more motivation to keep going.