Near Southside, Inc. Near Southside, Inc.


Magnolia Village

Block 10

Candace Chapman

Simply C M

In the space of an unframed canvas, I work to try to convey a primal sense of emotion on a near subconscious level. I release the viewer to process the emotional response with their own contextual experience but look to draw in the viewer to search for the emotional wellspring within. Ultimately, it is my hope that they will be rewarded in this inquiry by being taken into a world where normal rules of special relations and color compatibility do not apply. I generally paint in the abstract but look to create shapes that may be found to be familiar yet extended and distorted through the process of abstract creation. Other works also include forays in the surreal and depictions of the most common sights in an uncommon perspective. My paintings are primarily acrylic on canvas with some mixed media metallic insertions.