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Magnolia Village

Block 4

Fernando Carrill

Artwork of Fernando Carrill


There is a passion through creating art. I let the imagination guide me within. The ideas can come from an odd rock, a bone, the human figure, the clouds, water. Then through an observation of materials, I start bending wires, I may make a model in a small scale to help decide the scale of my art. People ask me about my work, asking “What material is this?” and “How did you make this?” My primary base of my work is bronze. It has also allowed me to progress and use other materials, such as stainless steel, copper, concrete, water. Ultimately, nature is my inspiration. I allow my ideas to flow automatic through my hands, trusting my hands completely. The ideas come from inspiration. The continuous flow of creativity will reflect the object I am working. When I create, there is a sense of accomplishment, also when people recognize the object and they see talent. Water is a big influence of my work. I create fountains, not only for the visual, but also to hear the sound of nature.

Associations: Carrill Studio