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Magnolia Village

Block 4

Daniel Cannariato

Artwork of Daniel Cannariato

I strive to create art that is able to be perceived in multiple ways. I would describe my paintings as abstract. Proportion and depth are the elements of art that intrigue me the most. My greatest joy is when people describe the things they see in my art in different ways. Almost as if they are the inkblots used in psychology. My photography focus has always been unique pictures of the sky as well as portraits of people and plants. I would say that my eye for photography comes from an interest in the placement of my subject in the photo, to make it most appealing for the viewer. For me, art is something that I use as a form of therapy. In our busy lives we fail to appreciate the roses as we are pass them by. So painting and photography are my ways of slowing down from the fast pace of life and appreciating the color and beauty all around us.