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Magnolia Village

Blocks 20 & 21

Jacie Cabler

Common Scents and Stuff

Common Scents is a mom and daughter company dedicated to up-cycling and revamping vintage glassware into beautifully handcrafted candles. Considering all the glassware that is long forgotten in abandoned houses, estate sales, etc. we decided to reuse and recycle items into a product we would be thrilled to see even in our own homes. Ranging from old punch glasses , rocks glasses, glass jars and many more our candles can accommodate to any space seen fit for the consumer. We've personally set out to find these items and hand pick the best and most glorious glassware for our candles to find a home. Our company correlates fragrance with glassware ensuring the perfect ambiance and experience! After years of pursuing chandlering we've found a balance of aroma and unique glass that is substantial and up to par to our standard as opposed to our competitors. With our long lasting, burning optional candles we guarantee satisfaction! Purchasing from us is just COMMON "SCENTS."