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Magnolia Village

Block 13

Donna Aparo

Aparo Art

Most of my paintings are acrylic, which I pull from scenes or images, adding and blending my own touches to them. I stick to realism, but will occasionally use unique color combinations which may border along the abstract. The two paintings I focus on are portraits and landscape. My original art influence was my dad, who worked as an illustrator for DC Comics. This was the spark to move me along an art path. As a young lady, Bob Ross inspired me with landscapes and it was only recently I started doing portraits. As a free-spirited child, my art places on display my love of nature, freedom and adventure. I depict animals in my portraits, who are the cherished pets of someone's, or an animal that is related to spirituality. I often use the technique of smoothly transitioning colors, symbolizing to take things slow, and to absorb the beauty in paintings, as well as our surroundings.