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Brigitte Mena


Brigitte Mena was born to be a storyteller, and her vehicle is music. The singer-songwriter’s heartrending tunes tell harrowing tales enveloped in atmospheric, ambient melodies. But the artist has her sights set on much more than producing pop rock tracks. Armed with her versatile voice, a pen and a penchant for crafting compelling songs, Mena strives to strike a chord with audiences and tell relevant, resonant stories. Mena started crafting original music in high school, and founded her first rock band as a freshman at Southern Methodist University, where she studied Music and Psychology. Mena’s music studies helped her hone her craft, while her work in psychology gave her an avenue to explore her interest in human behavior. Instead of choosing one passion over the other, the artist decided to merge the two roads ahead of her. By using her talents as a musician, Mena shines a light on topics like behavior, mental health, relationships and identity. Her debut album is a musical exploration of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. “Maslow” heralded the arrival of a distinctive new talent, and showed audiences across Texas what’s possible when talent meets a one-of-a-kind voice.