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Liz Thresher


indie pop with splashes of jazz, soul, and folk

About the artist's most recent EP titled "A Different Hue"...
Living authentically has been a dilemma for most of my time here. Mainly because I'm beaucoup cuckoo. While I like to think it's in the best way possible, most people don't know how to digest the colors I naturally paint in. So, I removed certain shades from my palette to be more... palatable. Trying to balance between full expression and being acceptable - to others or myself - is an unfulfilling dance. Now, I've opted to allow myself to discover all sides of me - positive or not. In this collaboration with producer, Steven Garner, I explored different facets of myself musically. Peppered with various styles from retro pop to jazz and a dash of country, I'm relentlessly joyful like in "Testify". I'm inquisitive and second-guessing like in "Nobody Knows". I'm passionate and pissed off like in "What I'm Worth". Above all else, I'm living in full color. And, this is "A Different Hue".