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Julie Dwyre-Zuckerman
Kevin Zuckerman

Kevin Zuckerman Inc

Painting provides an opportunity to explore the territory of human imagination & the realm of creativity. I enjoy examining the realm of language though paint. Allowing my expression to arise nonverbally through paint on the canvas with traditional and odd tools, found objects. I enjoy exploring what can be said that has never been said before.
I work to remove as many cliche’s as I can from my work as I go, and continue to dig deeper into the expanse of human expression.
I attempt in each painting to say something new, to take the viewer to another realm of human expression through paint. The title of a painting can create s specific context or lens to view a particular painting and the painting itself might actually be one molecule of a much larger perspective. The viewer determines what is seen. I want people to lose themselves in my painting as they explore the paint on the canvas. Getting outside the trap of the spoken word and language is good for the soul. Paint transcends the boundary of words and allows us to connect in a very immediate experience. “Choose only one master — Nature.” Rembrandt