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Magnolia Village

Block 10

Heather Windsor

Tranquility Artisans/Heather Windsor Art

I work with a variety of tools to create, including paint (acrylic, watercolor), ink, colored pencil, pastel, ballpoint pen, and various markers. Most often, however, I sketch an image in pencil then scan it to color digitally, meaning much of my work is “born digital.”

My goal as an artist is to take those subjects that are negatively portrayed or received and to pull their natural beauty out where everyone can see, to create work that is both dark and lovely, and challenge the predetermined perceptions others have about the visual definitions of both.

My goal as creator is to help expand the understanding of those who see my work—even if only briefly—by challenging their views and portraying something that many would recoil from in a way that draws them in and sticks with them long after they've stopped looking.