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Magnolia Village

Block 18

Aly Watkins

Paper N' Motion

From making magazine collages when I was a child to designing cards for family members -paper has always been an easy way for me to express myself. I love the feeling of paper in my hand, be it a book page or an embossed invitation. Until I found 'quilling' I never knew that paper could also be used to evoke beautiful and delicate designs. Armed with patience, glue, and quilling tools I form paper strips into lines and shapes that come alive off the canvas. Be it a jellyfish floating in the deep blue sea, a flower exploding with vibrant colors from the alcohol ink, or typography with complimenting geometric designs, quilling allows me to paint with paper. The why of it all is that which we all search for – it makes me happy. In a world where everyone is looking for their thing, their passion, I think I have found it in quilling. It relaxes and challenges me at the same time and allows me to give someone not just a piece of art but also a smile.