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Magnolia Village

Block 16

Presley Thomas

PJ Design Shack

Creative expression is a window to the interior self, making the arts the great, missing piece to the puzzle that is humanity. The energy put into a work, transfers to its viewers, so ART makes the world a better place for all and makes better people of us. When I create, I express my best self, relating to others without fear. I love connecting moments that wake and inspire viewers and future artists and introduce others to less obvious, repeating and unique patterns in the world. My work is a mixture of soothing and stimulating, intricate patterns, and recognizable aesthetics, drawing non-art-loving and new-to-art audiences in, before exposing them to more dynamic work. I have worked in this medium from an early age; it is a perfect, evolving, expressive outlet for sharing the visions that rattle around in my head. Perler Beads are a simple, less obvious medium, creating the ease I want my audience to initially feel on approach, drawing them into more cerebral, abstract, and contemplative art. Of course, fun pieces and wearable art also achieve this, so I carry a variety of true art and fun, wearable art, ensuring there is something for everyone.