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Magnolia Village

Block 13

Eryn Rosenbaum

Earrings by Eryn

I believe that when a piece of jewelry appeals to you, you recognize a glimpse of your inner beauty in it. I design and create each of my pieces by hand, one at a time, to complement the stone and to bring out a unique kind of beauty. I work with an intense attention to detail. For each piece, I have come up with the original design, hand-chosen the gemstones, fabricated the metal components out of primarily sterling silver, and combined them into a unique and exquisite piece of wearable art. I take as long as necessary with each and every piece to make it feel perfectly completed. All of my jewelry collections embody a balance of feminine strength and delicacy, and all pay homage to the incredible beauty found in nature.

My jewelry speaks to those who appreciate the handmade process, since the time and care that I put into my work produces pieces as beautiful, original, and full of character as the people who will wear and treasure them.