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Magnolia Village

Block 10 - Hyder Annex

Audrea Ray

Artwork for me stems from a deeper need to explore further into the reaches of colorology and how this creates a space of not only intellectual stimulation but a truly open portal into emotional therapy and growth. Using primarily bright neon colors in a variety of patterns, my art work brings a pleasing visual stimuli nudging the viewer into an interpretive ASMR experience. While I primarily use standard mediums of canvas and wood with acrylic paints, my techniques are ever evolving. The methods of pour and flow painting are growing exponential. Freeing up my artistic methods have allowed me to create art without boundaries which is extremely open to interpretation by the viewer, allowing it to be possible effect to reach a wider audience. The evolution of my technique into an ASMR/Colorology experience allows the viewer to interpret the art in as many directions as their imagination allows i.e. there is no preset form of what it is supposed to be. When I begin a painting session, I start by pouring the paints in the order of the color spectrum, then add in neutral colors which allows the paint to mix and flow in a way which represents the flow of emotions and energy in life.