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Magnolia Village

Block 16

Sheila Pickard

Sheila Pickard Art

I have always made art, usually as a tool to express emotions and life around me when I didn’t have words or the freedom to express those emotions otherwise. I have used several mediums and subjects along the way. I am drawn to images, and color that carry a strong identity of freedom, strength, pioneering and statements within everyday life. Over the last fifteen years I have been doing commercial artwork creating murals and signs and have used some of that technique in building my own art style. I have found that I love the intensity of texture yet don’t have the patience for the drying time of oil; and in comes medium thickened acrylic. Some work is with palette knife and some with paintbrush depending on the desired outcome of detail. I started out small in sketchbooks and have fallen in love with large work (one of my 2019 pieces was an eagle on a 7’x9’ drapery).

This collection of works speak to who we are created to be and our influence on others and the world.