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Amanda Novak


Forget what you think you know about tie-dye. This isn’t the primary color, spiral design t-shirt you made at summer camp when you were 12. We embrace traditional and modern garment dyeing techniques to create unique clothing and home decor. Because of the nature of hand dyeing, no two pieces turn out the same and that’s what makes hand dyeing so gratifying for us.

One of our favorite techniques is ice dyeing which involves using dry pigment sprinkled over fabric which is then covered with a layer of ice. As the ice melts, some of the pigments used to create the final color separate out, focusing on the subtle undertones of the pigment, and creating a prismatic effect that is very different than traditional dyeing methods. Our preferred patterns are more organic and less structured than traditional tie dye patterns (i.e. spiral or bullseye). We also use low water immersion dyeing as well a shibori techniques for select items.

All clothing is hand-dyed in our Colleyville, Texas home studio. The property, nicknamed the Novak Nature Preserve, is also home to 2 dogs, 2 cats, 12 chickens and countless wild animals, reptiles and amphibians.